Social Media Responsibilities/ Hum/186

Topics: Mass media, Journalism, Social responsibility Pages: 3 (774 words) Published: December 27, 2012
Social Media Responsibilities
Jana Keeley
June 05, 2012
Tanny Rodriguez

Responsibilities of news media include providing the society a truthful, objectives and balanced news and information while respecting the secrecy of issues related to national security. Known tasks of journalists in the entertainment media are In the social responsibility theory of the press, the media is driven to benefit the public. It expects journalists to answer society's need for truth, requires an open and diverse debate on public issues, and honest updates of current events. In this model, media ethics is automatic because the press is free to serve its purpose for the public, as opposed to special interest groups or advertisers( referenced below). Another condition of the social responsibility model, is that news reporting cannot be dependent on groups that may encourage bias and unethical practices in exchange for financial support catchy headlines which directly affect civilians. The public learns about government and politics primarily through television and nationwide newspapers. The media has a choice of which stories to cover. Recent studies prove the exposures can have a sizeable impact in shaping the public’s view on politics. Media coverage shapes attitudes and behaviors related to judging ones capabilities of running for office. It’s a known fact that citizens often times seek out information that agrees with their pre-existing views. People will relate with a politician if they are speaking about the current social and living infrastructures. Social Media should be aware of their responsibilities as they play a significant role in society especially on forming and educating the people with the current and pressing issues that may directly affect the communities. The social media should also be sensible of every program and/or contents they offer to the public. A rule of thumb is to remember that the ROLE of the media is not to shape the opinion of citizens...
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