Social Media on Society

Topics: Social network service, Sociology, Social network aggregation Pages: 4 (1258 words) Published: April 16, 2013
Facebook the world.
Since the beginning social networking sites, like Facebook has attracted several types of users, and in most cases, these people have incorporated these websites into their daily practices. While some sites support existing relationships, others help creating new relationships in different interests such as political views, religious, activities or even just gaming! While supporting Facebook on society is beneficial, one can find several factors that go against it, such as cyber bulling. Indeed, social networking provides society a lot of good tools, nonetheless people have taken social networking for granted. One of the main reasons and most popular because people use social networking sites is to keep in touch with friends and relatives while they are away. It aids the fact that several people who live away from their home receive continuous support from friends and people they communicate through Internet. According to a website article (, Page 2), 60 million of Americans received assistance with major life issues from people on their social network. “These people said social networking sites helped them connect with friends and experts who assisted on their decisions” (, Page 2). With the technology developed by social networking, long distance communication has become much simpler and accessible to the average person; It has facilitated users to keep up with the face-to-face relationship with their friends and relatives. Not only does it facilitate the “virtual” contact between its users, but also it can be a technique to arrange personal meetings for different purposes. Taking into account the features social networking offers, it is also considered as a very potential tool that has even substitute traditional methods of communication. It has helped people getting to know deeper statistics about certain general interest topics such as politics. One day before the last US presidential election, the Democratic...
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