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CORE100 Communication Skills Essay
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Sasha Goodwin

Press Freedom:
Social Medias Negative Influence
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Freedom of press will be discussed in line with mainline media and its misuse of press freedom. This research will elaborate on how media authorities use their power to oppress, overrule and persuade the public to think like them. These criterias are discussed to help elaborate how the use of social networking and press freedom is being corrupted by media influence and the real freedom of expression is not actually being expressed. Also discussing how fake profiles and articles can have a negative impact on social media because it is feeding false information into the public. This research will discuss why the use of social networking and press freedom has an overall negative affect and is not achieving its fundamental purpose. -------------------------------------------------


Keywords: Social Media, Press Freedom, Publication, Oppression, society -------------------------------------------------


Social media, whilst attempting to create a greater freedom of press, only results in a negative impact on its fundamental intention of allowing the publication on a matter without governmental restrictions. As such the superiority of a journalists story is now less important than the depth of their wallet. Media authorities are using the internet as a way to supress real freedom of press and rather substantiate their own view on the public. It will be outlined how freedom of the press through the use of social media can affect business reputation, oppression of mass media and money over matter.

Businesses in Trouble

Mainline media is misusing yet another avenue to negatively voice their individual opinion or ‘bully’ certain groups within society. Meaning that there is no freedom of press but an oppression of real press. Press freedom is not only being misused by media authority but is also allowing a right to the genuine public to state what they like about an issue. This can have an overall repercussion of a stressed future for a business. The Internet being the most contemporise way to source information on certain issues it is only satire that media influences are clogging it with journals, articles and blogs trying to manipulate the publics mind to think like theirs, “one persons freely expressed view is another’s calumny” (Cleverly, 2011, 75).

Some organisations, groups and buisnesses have been negatively affected due to degrading blogs and articles written on reviews of ideologies within the business, “Damage to organizational reputation…. caused by articles appearing in the press” (Van Zyl, 2009, 910). Not only does this relate strictly to media influential articles but also to organizational staff posting or blogging damaging comments about their employer, clients and colleagues online that are not hard to obtain once being released for an indeterminate amount of time (Li, 2009). According to statistics discussed in Van Zyl, 2009 “30 per cent of office workers in the USA and 42 per cent of UK office workers admitted to discussing work-related issues via social media applications” (Van Zyl, 2009, 909). This only furthermore supports that society is finding it necessary to discuss work related issues via social media and causing a negative impact on a business that could be blatantly bias based with no factual based evidence. It has been statistically supported the "83% of US office workers used office resources to access social media" (Al-Fadhil, Dashti, 2011, p50). With this percentage of people using the Internet to source their news rather than TV reports,...
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