Social Inequality Race, Gender

Topics: Gender, Gender role, Homosexuality Pages: 3 (842 words) Published: March 5, 2012
Essay Assignment 4.

1.) The main issue being tackled is about the discrimination of Homosexuals in the areas of Marriage, Profession and Perception of Gender Roles. Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act does not make a clear line in protecting Homosexuals since it does not include sexual orientation. This is also the Case of the DOMA bill wherein they used it for the “moral rather than the civil rights terms, knowing the public’s perception of homosexuality as immoral” (Hurst 2010, p. 136). Couples that are in long term same sex relationships cannot be granted privileges (health care, survivor benefits, social security) like those of traditional couples since it is not recognized at the federal level. Gender role and sexual orientation also plays a factor in discrimination in the professional setting since ones gender role is based upon ones sex which is determined anatomically. Society assigns ones roles and sexual orientation based upon these factors and if one veers off the common perception of society, then one is already perceived as a homosexual, (think of an effeminate man, masculine woman, or someone transgendered) and as such there is a stigma attached and a notion that one cannot be qualified for a job because they do not fit the mold or assigned gender role, instead of looking at the merit of the persons qualifications.

2.) Minority Stress caused by cultural and religious factors. Most Homosexuals who come from very religious background have a harder time accepting or being accepted by their society. In some cultures there is a certain role that a man needs to fill, and that is to be someone who is strong, dominant, and bold also known as the Alpha Male which becomes the norm, and as such those who display effeminate traits are deemed unfit and are ostracized completely. This is also fueled by religious factors since most religions view homosexuality as a sin, and something that needs to be eradicated like some kind of a disease. This creates...
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