Social Indicators of Women's Status in America

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November 30, 2012|
Social Indicators of Women’s Status in America|
Rachel Herrera|

The progress of women in America in the fields of; Education, Employment and income|

Rachel Herrera
Sociology 106
Social Indicator of Women’s Status
When you think of minority groups in American a few groups might pop into mind. Maybe African-Americans, Mexican-Americans or even Native-Americans would come first. But for centuries women of every race, color, and ethnicity’ in America have been cheated out of holding equal ground alongside men. For years the dominant role for women has been nearly non-existent in almost all aspects like; education, employment and income. And now after hundreds of years have we seen the gap between men and women in these fields start to close, though we are not quite there yet to make it disappear. For many years education among boys and girls was divided. They either physically attended entirely different schools or their curriculums were separated in so-called “coeducational” (Parrillo, 2009, p. 480) schools. These shared the same grounds, but held separate entrances for the boys and girls. Academic schooling for women was thought to be a waste of time. So instead women studied other things like; morals and social graces which include manners and etiquette. Although females have overcome all those setbacks, sexism is still prevalent in classrooms today. Male career goals and aspiration have been held to a higher standard than woman in the classroom. Though it is not their fault, because sub-conscience reinforcement from student counsel and even children’s books. They give the impression that boy’s are to be adventurous and thrill/success seeking. This would result in them to creating things and/or achieving higher education and higher paying jobs. On the other hand, girls were advised to be more passive, and should focus on...
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