Social Impacts of Bushfires

Topics: Black Saturday bushfires, Ash Wednesday fires, Bushfire Pages: 2 (477 words) Published: May 25, 2013
There is without a doubt that social consequences of bushfires are indisputably greater than its impacts on the economy and environment. Economically, bushfires destroyed infrastructures and residences. Some were dilapidated and others are destroyed completely. The money spent to control and put off the fire which can be millions of dollars should also be taken to account. Concerning the environment, bushfires disturbed floras and faunas. Natural habitats of living organisms are destroyed. Carbon dioxide was released in the atmosphere. On the other hand, houses can be reconstructed; plants and trees can be replanted to make room for animals to settle in later on. In addition, social impacts can be irreplaceable. This natural disaster has left physical, mental and emotional scars on the people. The population of affected areas clearly experienced loss of loved ones. Some people were subjected to health issues. These are all results of the devastating phenomenon known as bushfires.

First of all, the most devastating effect of bushfires in communities is the loss of lives. In the 2009 Black Saturday bushfire, more than 150 people died. This is more than the number of people killed in the 1983 Ash Wednesday bushfire, with 75 deaths. Those who stayed to defend the areas affected were injured, killed, or were separated from their loved ones. Some children will never grow and will never make their own memories. Moreover, the people are left with health issues and awful memories due to these heart-breaking incidents. Bushfires increase carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. This can result in respiratory conditions and may trigger asthma. People living far from the involved areas can come across the toxic chemical in the atmosphere. The population who experienced these events are left with traumatic memories and terrible nightmares. This could then influence their mental health in a negative way. The loss of resources, such as water and the polluted air can cause health...
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