Social Competence: Case Study

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Social Competence – Case Study

Case 1 –playing computer games

The frequency of playing computer games is inversely proportional to social competence. The people, who are addicted to computer games, lack of social competence. Nowadays, the children love to sit in front of the computer and play computer games. It gives children little time to interact with the other people so that they learn few social skills. It affects their relationship with their friends and parents. Also, some people are getting hooked on playing computer games and they tend to lose interest in everything. There are some reports (Rogers and Hammers, 2012) that teenagers are increasingly lacking in the communication skills that enable them to have face-to-face contexts with the others. It affects their social skills. Some of the professors found out that the next generations are addicted to computer. It reduced their probability of socializing.

To address the issue of addiction of playing computer games, the parents can help them to explore their talents and build up their interests. For example, parents can let them to join a wide variety of extra-curricular activities. The teenagers can find out which activities they love. By joining different kinds of activities, they can explore their talents. They will tend not to play computer games anymore. They will start pursuing their dreams.

Case 2 - using social networking websites

The frequency of using social networking websites is inversely proportional to social competence. The uses of social networking sites have sparked off the influence on people’s lifestyle and social skills. and are among the most popular social networking websites. People spend most of their time on using social networking websites, which means they spend less time on the face-to-face communication. The study (Mikami and e.t.a.l.,2010) investigated the influence on socializing of using social...
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