Social Changes of Ww1

Topics: Trench warfare, World War I, World War II Pages: 4 (1629 words) Published: April 29, 2013
Social Changes Of WW1

“ Ready! aye, ready! “ the soldiers were to say as the call for war came, but were they really that ready? As well, was the rest of the world ready? “ Back by Christmas “ they promised their loved ones who were filled with such pride and watched in awe as their brave boys set off for war. Most including Henri Bourassa, thought that this was an opportunity to unite the Canadians, French, and English. Little did they know the battles they, and the whole world were about to face, would be the beginning of the end. “ Bourassa’s enthusiasm - and those of the soldiers- would soon sour “1 Six social changes Canada underwent as a result of World War 1 was women’s roles at the home-front, relationships and life at home, enemy aliens, life in the trenches, and the Christmas Truce. 
Firstly, Women’s roles at the home-front was a huge change in the duration of World War 1. “ During world war 1, Canadian women began to show a great deal of responsibility. “ 2 They were no longer only mothers, sisters, and wives; but workers as well. Seeing that the men were away fighting at the Western Front, women were obligated to take up their jobs they had left behind. These women became Farmerettes, factory workers, and bus drivers. Some became nurses over seas, treated in hospitals at war bases, and made ammunition in factories back home. “ 30 thousand Canadian women worked in munitions factories and other war industries. “3 Although these women were trying as hard as they could to “ do their bit “ unfortunately they were not paid as much as men were, and were rarely acknowledged. “ The dramatic change in women’s roles was not well received by many men, who treated female co-workers with resentment.“4 Despite all of the animosity, it is without a doubt that the work of the women is what partially helped win the war. A variety of things women also did back home was run organizations and fundraisers to ship supplies overseas. Women of different race were also...
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