Social Action Research Paper: Illegal Immigration

Topics: Illegal immigration, Immigration to the United States, Illegal immigration to the United States Pages: 5 (1557 words) Published: August 20, 2010

Mary Damiano
Ms. Protos
9th Honors Literature
March 29, 2010
Illegal Immigration: Striving for the American Dream
John Kavanaugh, professor of philosophy at Saint Louis University, declared that “Between twelve and fourteen million illegal aliens live in the United States today” (8). Illegal Immigration seems to be a persistent issue throughout the United States. Not to mention that “59% of all Illegal Immigrants are from Mexico” (Kempa 1). The plethora of Mexicans crossing the US and Mexican border is only increasing each year. Miriam Raftery states that “an equivalent of two Illegal aliens cross the border each day in search for a better life, but not all make it as they had dreamed” (1). The United States may be called the dreamland, but for some people it is like a journey through hell. Illegal Immigration from Mexico has problems such as increasing death rates in the Mexican population, dangerous abuse of human trafficking laws, struggle to survive, and the sabotage, vandalism, and treatment along the border that need solutions such as amnesty, following the Illegal alien laws in Mexico, and background checks on Illegal Immigrants.

Since the United States has improved the security on the border; Mexicans are now having to come up with more creative ways to cross. These ways are unsafe and in turn is taking the death toll to a new high. For example, “In 2008 alone 10,000 Mexicans died crossing the border which is three times as many deaths than in the nine eleven terrorist attacks” (Raftery 1). These extreme deaths rates are inhumane. People are dying of starvation, uncleanliness, and pure torture by los coyotes; the people that help bring the Illegals to the states. Mexicans are left deserted in the middle of the desert or might have to crawl through pitch black sewer lines just to get to the other side of the border. Some even have to climb barbed wired fences and end up injured. The death toll among the Mexicans has sky rocketed and needs to be stop before an entire population is wiped out.

Mexicans that come to the States illegally also have to face the vulgar reality of human trafficking. Americans take advantage of the Illegals and use them for tedious work or even unwilling sexual acts. People are raped and or worked exceedingly hard for little pay. Illegal Immigrants are tricked into doing horrible acts, such as prostitution, drugs, and or slavery in return for not turning them into the government (Raftery 1). The thirteenth amendment to the Constitution states “Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude… shall exist within the United States…” (13). People in the United States are breaking the law that the founding fathers declared. Whether you are a legal citizen to the United States or not; the way a human being should be treated has no exceptions.

Illegal aliens also have to face the struggle of living in the United States while trying to maintain secrecy from law enforcement and being able to survive. Illegal Immigrants honestly cannot live normal lives because they are constantly on watch for sabotage. Also if the Illegal Immigrants do not speak English or live in an impoverish area the Mexicans begin to look very suspect able. People might have this idea that jumping a fence and blending into society is easy, but it is so much harder. For example “violence escalades daily” (Raftery 1). Mexicans begin to get fed up with their living conditions and the way they are treated which causes them to act up and the police get involved, and then violence is created. Enrique Morones, a Mexican Illegal Immigrant, says “These people came looking for opportunity. No one expected to die” (1). This evidence only gives the Americans an inkling of how hard it is to live in the United States while incognito. Trying to hide from law enforcement and sustaining survival is not something that is done with great ease. It is mentally, emotionally, and physically nerve racking.

The sabotage and vandalism of the help...
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