Soap and Oil Small Tea

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Snow White Pharmaceutical Formulation

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إبراهيم فايد دحوة حنان علي الجماعي أحمد على العفيفدلال محمد الظاهري أسامة البركانيفاطمة نعيم الغرباوي الحارث السماويلميس علي المحجاني حامد علي عبادمنال محمد عيدروس
فاروق الحمادي منى محمد الأشول

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د. نهلة الغشم
د. ماجد علوان

Snow White
Composed of a mixture of natural compound and product and everyone of them has different function while this mixture have bleaching and whitening effect also have ability to remove dead skin and remove acne.

It is classified according to where it is used:
* For hand and foot :
They apply on hand and foot and let for one hour may be more than one hour and when remove they wash by lemon and sodium bicarbonate then wash by water. * For face :
Also distribute on the face and let for one hour and can be used for all type of skin then wash by water. * For all the body :
Also in the same manner with the previous method.

All types have same composition and active ingredient but differ in duration of use and way of removing and washing.

* peeled natural soap 
* rose water
* vix
* liquid glycerin
* glysolid cream
* two table spoonful of curcum
* olive oil small tea glass 
* castor oil small tea glass
* bitter almond oil small tea glass 


fit mitt smear in wanted place once daily for 2 weeks

Method of preparation:
Peeled of natural soap and macerate it in rose water from night to the morning, then take of component and put them in electrical mixer and mix them until form homogenous mixture place it in suitable container and put the labels.

* For external use only. 
* Avoid contact with eye.
* Store away from heat and humidity.

* Bleaching and...
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