Smoking Should Be Banned Now 1

Topics: Cancer, Epidemiology, Tobacco smoking Pages: 2 (468 words) Published: April 8, 2013
I feel that smoking is harmful and I do think that it should be banned everywhere for four reasons. Firstly smoking cause lung cancer, heart disease and mouth cancer, secondly smokers cannot live happy life, thirdly smoking can cause problems to non smokers and lastly cigarette can cost the government a lot of money The first reason to make smoking banned is to minimise disease that effects human. Those diseases are lung cancer, heart disease and mouth cancer. This disease cause problem to smokers during smoking. Smoking is bad for our health and can cause many other diseases other than the disease that i mentioned above. About 8.5 million People in the world have at least one serious illness that cause by smoking. Cigarette can lead you into bad breath, yellow or brown fingernail and teeth, reddens eyes and decreases the ability to smell. The second reason is to save money that are paid to cigarettes because cigarette cost too much money so when the smoker buys every day, how much money it will be in one mouth or in a year? It is a lot of money. This year, 2013, Australia will collect $3.7 billion from tobacco taxes but are spending less than 2 percent of that in tobacco control programs. However smokers cannot save money to live happy live with his/her family and all the time he will be angry and thinks how he can get money to get cigarettes Thirdly it is strongly uncomfortable for non smokers to go somewhere like restaurant where cigarettes smokers come. As we know smoking in crowded place is harmful not only to a person who carries cigarettes but to people who stand around that person breathe. Let’s take a bus stop as an example because i always saw this when i come to school or when i go home, there is always a lot of people there, when one person decided to light up his cigarette, everyone around him has to breathe in nicotine from the air. A Further issues is that smoking can cost government a billion of dollars because of the large numbers of people who...
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