Smoking in Public Places

Topics: Smoking, Tobacco, Tobacco smoking Pages: 1 (361 words) Published: March 17, 2013
Smoking in public places
Smoking is the phenomenal of inhaling and exhaling cigarettes or hookah, people tend to smoke when they have problems or simply if they enjoy it. With time it becomes not only habit, but it will easily develop to become an addiction which will ruin the person’s health slowly and could cause death. But we have to respect other people privacy in public places. A lot of people find it cool to smoke in public places, but it’s not really any cool because it annoys other people, and it’s disturbing to non smokers. The smell of cigarettes is disgusting and very annoying to non-smokers, but it’s not only the smell, other people will be obligated to respire the smell which could cause serious sickness like cancer or breathing problems. Analysis has proved that lifelong non-smokers with partners who smoke in the home have 20-30% greater risk of lung cancer than non-smokers who live with non-smokers. Add the fact, that a new law has been announced in most countries to disallow smoking in public places, bars and restaurant has banned people from smoking, which has proved to improve the air quality and help people to get rid of their smoking habits. For example, if you smoke in the street, the police will arrest you for disobeying the law and you could eventually go to jail just because you smoked a cigarette. In addition, smoking in public places is one of the main reasons that cause pollution, because hookah and cigarettes are all exhaled in open air which will eventually make the street hard to live in, a whole country could use it’s tourists just because of a high level of pollution.For example, in cuba the percentage of pollution has increased from 10 to 18% just because of the tobacco. In the end, every country in the world should ban smoking in public places because you are not only annoying other people, but also killing the environment slowly! But what about making a special place just for smokers? Would it help reduce the problems that we...
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