Smog, Trash, and Pollution Are Everywhere. Yet No Action Is Taken to Stop Its Growth

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  • Published : December 11, 2012
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Smog, trash, and pollution are everywhere. Yet no action is taken to stop its growth
Our world is home to billions of people and for millions of years life has existed and died. Those dead organisms get buried in the ground for hundreds of millions of years and turn into oil and coal that today we as humans use to power our homes and cars. However fossil fuels are very unclean and they cause huge catastrophes in our environment like global warming. A recent study by Cornell University found that 40% of deaths worldwide are caused by pollution. There is a solution; if we stop polluting immediately we can stop potential disasters and super storms. Our best alternatives are solar and wind energy and they are clean sources of energy. If we as humans don’t change the way we run our power plants and factories the climate will cause billions of dollars’ worth of damage and would have been prevented if we acted sooner. The time is now to act, because the climate has already started producing more hurricanes and tornadoes more than ever and if we want to save our homes and fellow humans lives we need to change.

Usually people who own a large company or politicians have intentions of trying to help their friends or company instead of America as a whole. Thus the politicians are unwilling to change the direction of the oil industry or make solar\wind farms. However changes have to be made and they need to be made soon because the environment is suffering extremely due to our current rate of destruction. Throughout the century oil drilling caused huge catastrophes in the environment. There are hundreds of examples where a crude oil tanker crashes somewhere in the ocean, and most recently a “BP drilling rig in the gulf of Mexico exploded and sent billions of gallons of oil into the gulf”. Even though these catastrophes could have been adverted if we started researching for renewable energy sources earlier, the rich people and politicians favored getting more money than...
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