Sleepers: Rape and Hot Dog Cart

Topics: Rape, Sexual intercourse, Sexual assault Pages: 2 (605 words) Published: September 12, 2012
In the Movie “ Sleepers” a story about four male friends who stole a hot dog cart, accidently rolled it down some subway steps and ended up crushing a man. All four friends end up going to a reformatory prison and got sexually assaulted by a guard there named Nokes. All four boys were traumatized by these horrible events that happened but two of the boys held anger and venedict. Years later, these two boys happened to see Nokes at a bar. They approached him where he was sitting, and they both shot him various times all over his body. The few people there that were in the same bar, testified what had happened but either way it went, both friends got not guilty. I personally think that the two defendants were morally incorrect in killing the guard Nokes because even though Nokes traumatized them so badly, that that might be all they ever think about - i think that taking a life is not justified and it is not the place of the victims to determine whether or not they are guilty, this is a matter for the court to decide. Even though in a greater chance of them not being able to, they could move on just like their other two friends that went through that also. They could be able to take a little bit of counseling and faith that they’ll forget the horrific events or maybe to just move forward from that time of their life. The rest of the other boys went into college and through this they probably got distracted and they didn’t really think about those prison times. The two boys probably still felt dirty inside that they just wanted revenge, because possibly just like them many more of the other prisoners there had gone through the same exact things as themselves, but revenge is not the answer. Under any circumstance i honestly feel that if someone is raped they are going to automatically want revenge of some type, the two boys were kind of “an eye for an eye, ear for an ear “kind of type of people, but with all the little boys that he obviously must have raped Nokes...
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