Slavery Now a Day

Topics: Slavery, Prostitution, Human trafficking Pages: 2 (577 words) Published: March 11, 2013
Slavery now a day
Each day, the 39 Filipino nationals worked up to 16 hours at South Florida country clubs, golf courses and restaurants that cater to a wealthy clientele. Each night, they returned to crowded homes in a quiet residential neighborhood in Boca Raton where food was scarce and barely edible. Meals sometimes consisted of chicken feet soup and rotten vegetables. When one complained, the owners of Quality Staffing Services forced her to drink muriatic acid, causing her lasting stomach problems, according to advocates for the workers. When another worker broke his wrist, he was refused medical care for more than a week, leaving him permanently disabled, they say. Despite the long hours, these employees received little or no pay for their work. Their wages were nearly depleted after owners of the staffing agency deducted fees for food, housing, even for showers. The workers couldn't pay off the $5,000 they had borrowed to pay the recruiting fees to the agency. They weren't allowed to leave their homes without an escort. Their visas were withheld. Complaints were met with threats—against them and their families back home. -------------------------------------------------

They were modern-day slaves, a concept incomprehensible to most Americans. Kids are abducted all the time in the US and you can buy sex with them on Craig's List. In Africa, slavery is extraordinarily common for field workers, house slaves, and the sex trade. In the US, people smuggled in to the country are held in sweat shops and "Massage Parlors" where they are held and forced to work or have sex to "Work Off" the cost of their transportation. The Pacific Islands have a thriving sex tourism industry that includes children being held by force, either sold by their parents or kidnapped. Haiti and the Dominican Republic are known centers of child slavery, which is accepted by the governments because it is a "Cultural Practice". In Africa, Asia, and the Middle East there are thousands...
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