Slave Owners

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  • Published : March 18, 2011
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8. Slave Owners
The slave owners that resided in the United States were very unique. Not only did they have total control over the mind and what the slaves thought, for the most of the time, they had a unique role. Not only did the slave owners order to the slaves to do harsh work for long hours, they also used the slaves that were women as their “sex toy”. Several slave owners would go make visits to the slave house or where they let the slaves stay and they would force sexual intercourse among the women and the women had no choice for they would be beaten worse than they already were if they resisted. The result of this would be several women slave would become impregnated with these frequent night visits from the slave owner. The wife of the slave owner for the most part knew that this happened frequently, but taken the context of the situation the wives were not in any position to call out the husband of infidelity. Once the impregnated slaves had their baby, which the father of the baby was the slave owner, the slave owner treated their son/daughter just as they would treat any other slave, harshly. One thing that the baby was able to rely on was its mother. One of the characteristics of women of African decent is that they care for their babies no matter who the daddy is or no matter what situation they were in. Another characteristic that the slave owners carried was the brain washing of slaves. Usually when the slave owners purchased slaves, they would purchase either the husband/boyfriend or the wife/girlfriend, but never both. The reason why the slave owner did not purchase couples was because the first step to break down one’s conscious is to break their tides with their family. Usually several people will do anything for their family, even die, when the slave was taken away from his family, the feeling that he/she thought was that there was nothing to live for and that is when the slave owner capitalized on the slave’s emotional condition and beat...
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