Slang Is Good for the English Language

Topics: Dialect, Kevin Rudd, Sentence Pages: 2 (482 words) Published: May 2, 2013
As cultures grow, change and expand so does the English language. New terms have now been fully absorbed into our language, otherwise known as slang. Some say that slang is not true English; that it should not belong in our vocabulary, but I am here to tell you otherwise. Slang has been used for many years and is slowly shaping the English language, to make it more interesting and unique. So what really is slang; how has it spread and has it enriched our language? To begin with, slang is neither profanity nor bad grammar; it is an informal language and is not appropriate for formal occasions. Slang was used throughout history. Ancient Greek writers used it over 2,000 years ago and even the famed Shakespeare used slang in his plays. Many slang terms are expressive, humorous and vivid. People use slang more often in speaking than in writing and more often with friends than strangers as it expresses friendliness and puts people at ease. It adds character to everyday conversation. Most slang spreads by words of mouth, radio, television, internet and even rap music. For example a radio host can introduce a new slang expression to millions of people, giving the word or phrase instant popularity. Many slang expressions have even become part of the standard language. For example Hairdo, which was introduced in the 1920’s as a slang term to describe a hairstyle but then became a standard word. The promotion of new words is good for the English language because slang makes the language dynamic and keeps it relevant to the generations using it. Slang has enriched our language by promoting lively speaking and writing as it is a part of cultural identity. If we travelled to Britain, we may not understand some of their slang terms, even though we share the same language. This makes the English language distinctive and vigorous to each culture. A great number of imaginative and useful words have come from slang. A few examples of this are; footy instead of football, barbie...
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