Skull and Bones

Topics: Skull and Bones, Yale University, George W. Bush Pages: 3 (947 words) Published: April 25, 2012
skull& Bones
“Skull & Bones” is a secret society, an organization that keeps their functioning under the radar. They are very secretive of their existence and the future plans they have in store for not just America but also the world. There are many conspiracies about this secret society; they are thought to have control over almost every aspect of people’s lives. There are many questions left unanswered, which is what makes them so interesting. There must be something so important, so secretive about this group for everything they have done to be kept a secret for over 200 years. Its said that they have limitless social, political and financial control over our government. (Leung) “Skull & Bones” was founded in 1832 by fifteen senior students at Yale University, only students that attend this university are allowed in. Just because your admitted into the college doesn’t mean you have automatically met the criteria to join the club. Rather one must have a long list of some very impressive accolades and some family connections, yet even that sometimes may not be enough. There are only fifteen students picked each year, which means there are around 800 living members at a given time. The rules and rituals that were created in 1832 were set in stone, and are still practiced today. The most important rule that they enforce is that all members must not give out any information

about the group including names of other members or projects, they must keep there mouths shut. This secrecy is what has caused the most controversy.
The reason for the conspiracies behind Skull & Bones lies in their power in social networking, which is very convincing. Researchers are almost for certain they have things to hide, and there needs to be some sort of an investigation conducted because it just doesn’t seem fair for such a small organization such as this to have so much social power. There have been three U.S. presidents come out of this society:...
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