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The Origin of the skimboard
Skimboard, also known as skimming, is the sport of running and jumping on a specially made board and skimming over the surface of the water, usually at the beach.  Skimboard began in the early 1920s, in southern California when lifeguards wanted an easy way to get across the beaches of Laguna. Types of skimming

There are two styles of skimming: 
Sandskimming- done by skimming parallel to the beach across a thin layer of water, usually on a sandbar or other flat area. Almost all skimmers start this way, although there's lots of room for expertise with advanced sandskimming tricks. 

Wave-riding - you start higher on the beach, and run down the slope hopefully getting on your board before the shoal drops off. From there you ride out to a wave, carve into it and ride it in, performing your bag of tricks along the way.


This sport doesn’t require much material. In fact you only need a board, which can be made of wood or fibreglass. If you want you can put a deck and wax in your board so that it doesn’t slip of your feet. If the water is too cold for you to ride you can also buy a wetsuit.

There are many types of dangers that skimboarders can face on a daily basis. It is not uncommon to see fractures or dislocations of the lower limbs, some requiring serious medical attention. Lacerations, twisted ankles and bruises are also common, due to impacts with the board itself, or rocks, logs and other obstacles present on beaches.

The center of skimboarding is Laguna Beach, in California where it first appeared. Skimboarding is popular on many beaches where it is impossible to surf, for example on Recife, Brazil where surfing is banned due to the threat of shark attacks. Many people skim inland because of difficulty with shore access. Flatland...
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