Skills for Success

Topics: Management, Goal, Time management Pages: 1 (397 words) Published: January 6, 2013
Skills for Success in Time Management
On a daily basis managing your time properly will essentially leave you with less stress and more freedom and flexibility. Particularly as students in grade school, one covers eight subjects throughout each of the twelve years. With the aid of a planner to maintain organization and having knowledge of your personal goals you will have managed your time effectively. The Key to Time Management is organization. A planner is the most efficient tool in maintaining organization for a couple important reasons. By keeping a planner you can plan key events and times. Dedicate time in your schedule for studying, and then you will know when you have time for other events in your spare time. For example if a student was to come home from school the first thing they should do is finish their homework that way they won’t forget and they will get it done in order to reward themselves with free time. So you can no longer blame other things for having too much to do and so little time. Over and Over again teachers review the wholesome meaning of goals. Goals are extremely important because it is challenging ourselves to accomplish something we wish to stride for. By having a personal goal it will be a solid reminder of what you want in life, a simple grasp of motivation if you will. Motivation in which will assist you in continuing to work towards your goal and essentially you will want to manage your time properly to obtain that goal. You will feel less tempted to procrastinate and waste time on things that are less-effective. The big idea is by having goals you will eventually learn to use your free time wisely. Time management is a very important skill in achieving success; it organizes your entire life by getting the most important priorities done first. Essentially it will lead to less stress after relieving yourself with the knowledge that you will have time to get any given task done. Also it will lead to better grades after being...
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