Sixth Sense Technology/ Human Computer Interaction

Topics: Wearable computer, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Computer Pages: 4 (1278 words) Published: April 28, 2013
Since the dawn of the first computers made available to the masses, our society as a whole, as well as the way we interact with the world, has been changing and accommodating in order to include these technological advances in our daily lives. These advances in technology have been changing our society in many ways, and while there are countless benefits that these innovations have brought to all fields be it social, medical, educational, or recreational, there are people who fear that these technologies are having a negative impact on our lives by creating a divide in our reality. The two sides of this division are between the physical world and the digital world, the physical world being what we interact with daily outside of technology and the digital world being that which we interact with when we use the internet, computers, phones and other electronic devices. However with this in mind many people involved in creating technological innovations have been coming up with ideas that allow us to interact with technology through more physical means of input rather than point click and the use of a keyboard, These new growing methods of input include voice and touch capabilities. These innovations are the building blocks in linking the gap between the physical and digital world. One recent development that has the capability of implementing a way society can interact with both the world of information and physical world is the “SixthSense” project.

The SixthSense project is an idea started by Pranav Mistry and his associates from the Fluid Interfaces Group based out of the MIT Media lab. This organization has many projects which are all founded on a few common goals. This goal can come to fruition by focusing on innovations. These Innovations include enhancing the experience of using technology by implementing ways to make the experience seem more hands on, and Augmenting common objects we come across daily so that they have a use beyond our physical interaction...
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