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  • Published : February 2, 2013
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Situation Analysis of Sapid Sweets

|Who are you? |Sapid Sweets, producer of exquisite chocolate and confectionery | | |products, sold around the world | |What is your purpose? |Business was started to bring delicious sweetness into the world. | | |Fancy chocolate is for happy occasions, and for when you need some | | |quick energy that tastes good. | |What exactly do you offer the consumer? |Tasty treats of very high quality | |What is your current image and reputation? |High quality, high price. | |What do your customers think of you and your products? |Comparable to overpriced European products. | | |Company is family-run. | | |Products are produced in Canada | |Who are your competitors? |High-end lines of large chocolate companies | | |Imported chocolates | |Where are they located? |Canada | | |USA | | |Europe | |What are the properties of your facilities and equipment? Should|There is enough capacity for the chocolate and candy product line. If| |they be improved? If so, how? |the company adds any new products, a new production facility will | | |need to be constructed. | |How big is your marketplace? Is there room for competition? |The high-end chocolate and candy market is C$66 billion world-wide. | | |The top company has a 55% market share. The next biggest company has | | |a 25% market share. The third biggest company has a 12% market share.| | |The remaining 8% of the market is made up of many companies, non with| | |more than 1% of the market share. | | |Sapid Sweets has 0.8% of the world market, with 2004 sales of | | |C$525.69 million dollars. | | |Sapid Sweets is the largest high-end chocolate and candy maker in | | |Canada. | |Are your products and services affected by economic conditions? |Expensive chocolate and candy sales are hurt by challenging economic | | |conditions. People switch to lower-priced products...
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