Siten Tedak

Topics: Indonesia, Meaning of life, Pregnancy Pages: 2 (628 words) Published: April 30, 2013
siten Tedak ceremony is a ceremony in Javanese cultural traditions that are carried out when a child first learning path and executed at the age of about seven or eight months ceremony Down the ground is one of the traditional Javanese culture to children aged 8 months (pitung eight), in other areas in Indonesia is also known for traditional ceremony down the land with different terms. The ceremony is manifesting gratitude because at this age the child will begin to get to know the natural world around them and start learning to walk.Siti Tedak-down ceremony TanahBagi parents, the birth of a child, both men and women is the grace of God Almighty. Since in the womb until birth, every parents always hope that the child would be a man useful to the people of Timor and his religion. the hope of parents to their children is manifested in the form of ceremonial (traditional Javanese) which started since baby still in the womb of her mother, until the child is born. One of the forms of its realization is the Ceremonial Tedak Jane-get off the ground when the children were aged 7 months.Siti Tedak ceremony itself gives the sense that in order for the child's future after a strong and capable adult stands alone in a life full of opposition, to achieve the goals citanyaRangkaian trajectory of the ceremony: the baby bathed Banyu Gege – Water that has been left under the blazing sun. Banyu gege sprinkled flowers talon as a symbol of refined manners, wisdom and worldliness. Banyu gege le ndang gede – the baby is bathed by the mother to be quickly besarBayi with Grandma and event styling (MC).After the dress followed by a procession on the ground.Diinjakan baby feet on the ground and then diinjakkan on juadah-glutinous creature in black, red, yellow, green, white. All colors represented human lust.Thanks baby on a ladder made from sugar cane, symbolising the earthly passions so knocking the top of life based on Grey Anteping-a steady heart.The baby is then inserted...
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