Sister Maude

Topics: Poetry, Alliteration, Rhyme Pages: 1 (313 words) Published: March 26, 2013
Sister Maude
In this essay I am going to write about called sister maude. Sister maude is about two sisters who don’t really get along very well, also this poet is ambigious becase the poem is unclear the reader does not now how the my dear died or the parents and the my shame, also this poem is written in (1830 - 1894) by christina Rossetti. The propse of the poem is to describe how jelousy sisters cuased a death of another. Christina Rossetti uses a range of techniques to show the feelings of the sisters. In Sister Maude the sister's crime becomes a matter of good and evil. Christina Rossetti uses a range of techniques such as oxymoron a qoute to prove this is “comeliest corpse” the poet has used two opposite feelings together,the letter “c” is a plosive and echoes her anger to her sister Muade, also “comeliest corspe” and suggest that even as a corpse, he is still handsome enough and worthy to embrace the queen,in the second stanza it shows the narrators passion for her dead lover. His once beautiful hair is now “clotted”, also the writer uses letters “c” to show alliterations to show to her sister, sister Maude. Another technique used by Christina Rossetti is alliteration, the poet has used alliteration such as “cold he lies, as cold as a stone with clotted curls about her face” the letter “c” is a plosive and echoes her anger, also the quote says “cold he lies as cold as stone”this is the first thing you notice that the my dear died because it say cold he lies as cold as stone, alliteration’s used in the last two lines “sister Maude oh sister Maude, bide you with death and sin” also the quote used by the poet is angry with sister Maude that is why he used repetition
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