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Hyolyn had auditioned twice for JYP Entertainment beforehand and was accepted on the second try. She was initially planned to debut in a quintet group along with Secret's Jieun, miss A's Min and EXID's Yuzi. Plans, however, fell and she was dropped from the label. She later auditioned for Starship and was accepted. Soyou was originally supposed to debut as a 4minute member. Because she was lacking, Soyou's debut was pushed to "next time" and she instead became a member of SISTAR in a different entertainment agency. She was intended to be in 4minute's Sohyun's place.[4] Soyou auditioned for Starship, singing a cover of Navi's "On The Road".[5] Bora's first television appearance before her debut was KBS Golden Ladder as Myeongji University's Campus Queen (Queenka). She was a lively character and MC Boom commented "She was more energetic and spirited than all the other girls from the different schools." On the day of the broadcast, Bora's father passed away from stomach cancer. Although it was an unfortunate day for her, Bora stated "I’m very grateful to the program, as it served as a gateway for me to eventually become a celebrity, but it’s bitter-sweet, there’s something about that program that still makes me sad."[6][7] Sistar began their group activities on early 2010 before their official debut where they were featured on Céci magazine photo in an England shoot on 19 March 2010 for the clothing company FUBU. They also endorsed Samsung's 'Yepp' phones and each of the members filmed an individual commercial for it.[8] [edit]2010: Debut, "Push Push", "Shady Girl", and "How Dare You" The group made their official debut with the song "Push Push" on June 2010. The MV teaser for their debut song was released on 1 June 2010.[9] Two days later, on June 3, 2010, Starship released the full music video for Push Push.[10] Sistar had their debut performance at Music Bank on 4 June.[11] The song received moderate success and charted on various...
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