Sir Isaac Brock

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  • Published : April 8, 2013
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Sir Isaac Brock

Sir Isaac Brock, a British soldier and leader was moved from Great Britain to Canada to help take command over the Canadian soldiers so that Canada could defend their land. Because of the courage and the leadership that Brock has displayed, he is considered a legend in war and this is because of the effort and commitment that was put into The Capture of Detroit, the strength and speed that was needed to succeed in The Battle of Queenston Heights and the legacy that Isaac left the world when he passed.

Sir Isaac Brock, along with his Native American partner Tecumseh, led the Canadian/British forces to victory in The Capture of Detroit. This letter was sent to Brigadier General William Hull (the enemy commander) by Isaac Brock; “The force at my disposal authorizes me to require of you the immediate surrender of Fort Detroit. It is far from my intention to join in a war of extermination, but you must be aware, that the numerous body of Indians who have attached themselves to my troops, will be beyond control the moment the contest commences…”(Hickman). “Continuing the series of deceptions, Brock ordered extra uniforms belonging to 41st Regiment to be given to the militia to make his force appear to have more regulars” (Hickman). Finally to make Hull believe that he was out numbered Tecumseh had a plan. “Tecumseh marched his men three times through an opening in the forest to give idea of a much larger force” (Marsh). Brock pushed the attack on the fort hoping that Hull would get scared and on August 16th 1812, Hull raised a white flag over the wall signaling his surrender. “This would not have been possible without the help of Tecumseh and his warriors” ( Isaac had taken over Detroit and captured many of the American soldiers which made the victory that day that much more glorious.

“One of the most famous battles of the war of 1812”, (Ridler). On the night of October 12th 1812 the Battle of Queenston Heights began. The Americans...
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