Sipadan Island

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Whether you are a skillful diver, or just a beginner in this sport, Sipadan Island from the Malaysian archipelagos is definitely the place to go on your vacation.

Located on the east side of the Borneo Island, Sipadan has been free of inhabitants ever since it was declared a “natural sanctuary”, with the great contribution of the famous marine biologist Jacques Yves Cousteau. From this point of view, it is a great opportunity to study different species of sea creatures in their natural habitat – one that has not been altered by human intervention.

Here you can find rare species of moray eels, the false stonefish, scorpion fish, barracudas and also a great variety of turtles and sharks. Some of the shark species found in these waters are not aggressive and interact in a peaceful way with the divers.

Many people come to see the “Turtle Tomb”, a cavern situated at about 20 meters underwater. This is full of skeletons belonging to turtles that failed to find a way out.

As for diving spots, there are more than a dozen popular places where you can practice this sport. “Barracuda Point” and “Drop Off” are among the best known, the latter being the only spot on Sipadan Island where night diving is performed. You can also take your underwater camera, and capture images of the fascinating sea creatures around.

To arrive on the island, you must take a one hour boat ride from the Semporna peninsula, in Borneo. Since there are no permanent inhabitants on this coral atoll, you must arrange your staying in a resort on Mabul Island or Kapalai Island, located nearby.

If you need assistance, a specialized diving instructor can accompany you in your underwater exploration. The island also offers centers where you can rent the necessary equipment.

If you want to practice diving in a serene atmosphere, surrounded by a beautiful landscape, put Sipadan Island on your list of favorite places to see.
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