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Capella University
CST5318 – Scope of Human Services
Guardian-child interactions of single and dual guardian households and the opportunities presented to the children of those households.

Connie Fickenscher
Ke’Andre A. Magee

Summer 2010

Table of Contents

II.Single Guardian versus Dual Guardian
III.Review of the research
IV.Ways of improving opportunities on both on both sides

Guardian-child interactions of single and dual guardian households and the opportunities presented to the children of those households. Abstract
This research investigated the association between guardian-child interactions of single and dual guardian households and the opportunities presented to the children of those households. The purpose of this study is to add to the research that has been done while looking at interactions and opportunities available to children. The research provides a descriptive analysis of survey data based on information from single and dual guardian households. Participants were selected randomly from different ethnic groups to ensure the study would not exclude anyone during the process. I.Introduction

The purpose of this research is to find out if guardian-child interactions affect the opportunities of that child. Moreover, this study will also research whether there is a difference in difficulty raising a child between fathers, mother, grandparents, and other guardians. Furthermore, this research is to add to the current debate about family structure on youth outcomes by exploring the relationship between guardian-child interactions. Finally, there has been a lot speculation that has been done about single-guardian households with no concrete evidence to back it. This research will study a few of those speculations. The rationale behind the study is fairly simple. A single-guardian household has always been a problem in this country for several years. The single-guardian household is not limited to just mothers and fathers but as mentioned before there are grandparents, uncles and aunts, and other kin that may raise a child. The researcher has always had an invested interest is finding out the differences between single-guardian households as oppose to dual-guardian households. Moreover, he was raised in a single-guardian household and has turned out extremely well. The researcher also believes that there are some fundamental differences between the two but does not feel that it makes a big difference on the success and opportunities presented to the single-guardian child. Finally, the researcher feels that there are several people who would benefit from the results and findings in this research.

II. Single Guardian versus Dual Guardian
a.Compare and Contrast single guardian and dual guardian homes. In both single guardian and dual guardian homes there are some values and morals that overlap and there are some values and morals that are exclusive from each other. The epidemic of single guardian homes is continuing to rise for a variety of reasons and the roles in dual guardian homes has been changing. There has always been a debate around single guardian versus dual guardian homes and which is better for a child. Each situation is different, every single guardian home does not have five children and every dual guardian just has one child. Obviously if the learner knew exactly how many kids were in each of these households that would make a difference and maybe someday the learner will decide to get more detailed in the research. So in order to stick to the parameters of the assignment I will speak in general terms of the two households presuming that each home has equal amount of children.

In both of these homes there are certain values that will stay the course no matter who’s in the home. Parents of both homes will always preach hard work, respect, education, staying out of trouble, etc… so the foundation that is...
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