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  • Published: October 14, 2010
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Unit Title: Communication in Business 100

Assessment: Critical Essay

Company: Toyota

Essay Title: Toyota CSR “Corporate Social Responsibility”

Tutorial: 3

Student Name: Min Thant Naing

Student Number: 14934818

Words: 1573

Tutor’s name: Anne Marie Gutierrez

Corporate social responsibility of Toyota is that how the companies manage their business in generally advantages force on society. In the early period, they only care for the company is how to generate profit for organizations and stakeholders. In the current year, the company has more responsibility on the society, people, animals and the environments. Since community development goals were giving activities that were seen as part from business objectives, not fundamental to them doing good were seen as separate pursuits ( Fiorina 2003 ). Toyota was established on 28August 1937. It provides various automotive vehicles ( TOYOTA, LEXUS, HINO ) all over the world. In this essay, the Company social responsibilities of Toyota organization will be reviewed. Toyota is a large and well-known company, it manufacture the luxuries cars to the user. Toyota always brings insightful technologies towards the society. The corporations has 320,590 employees ( included those dispatched from other company updated 31 March 2010 ). Every corporation has its own advantages and disadvantages, being a big corporation like Toyota, do have to face such kind of problems. The company focused on the statement that customer first and policy first. The company is develop and provide innovative, safe and outstanding high quality products and services that meet a wide variety of customers' demands to enrich the lives of people around the world. ( Guiding Principles 3 and 4 ). They respect their employees and believe that the success of their business is lead by each individual's creativity and good teamwork. They promote personal growth for our employees. ( Guiding Principles 5 ). There are many disadvantages...
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