Singapore Casino

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  • Published : April 1, 2013
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Do you know what is a casino? Everyone knows casino is a facility, which has entertainment, and it is equipped with gambling devices like gambling tables. Casinos are commonly built near town areas, where it is the hotspot for tourist attraction, shopping malls, restaurants and 5 star hotels. This is the feature of Singapore’s casino. Casinos from around the world are graded differently. The first casino in Singapore was built at the Marina Bay Sands. People described the Casino as the building with a boat on top. It is huge and very famous and one of the top casino in Asia, one of the most expensive building in the world. Besides the casino, people can enjoy other facilities located near the casino like, the Singapore Flyers, boat ride by the river, world-class shows in theaters. There are many shops, which sells branded things, and a variety of restaurants to choose. The casino is also a hotel inside; there is a huge swimming pool at the famous sky garden, which can only be accessed by hotel guest. It is a good place for relaxing and viewing the beautiful scenery. The place is also designed very special and beautifully. Makes people feel amazing about the place. Some people feel that how the environment look like is not important, but I think it is very important because it makes the casino more interesting and attracts many more foreigners. There is also a second casino at Resort World Sentosa. It is quite similar with the Marina Bay Sands, but there are more attractions at Sentosa. It is located near one of the top attraction known as Universal Studio Singapore. It is also near very beautiful beach and nightclub, famous restaurants and interesting shops. Many people like to go there, as it is very convenient. Some have planned to go casino just to gamble, some just go and try their luck for fun.


These are the rules of Singapore Casino. People below 21 years old are not allowed to enter the casino. For foreigners, they have to show their passport,...