Sin Tax

Topics: Tax, Pigovian tax, Taxation in the United States Pages: 2 (294 words) Published: February 18, 2013
Sin Tax: Form Your Own Opinion
Use complete sentences and save this form to KSpall’s folder on Lastname.Sintax.doc or write our your answers and turn in at end of period.

Reference Websites: Use these websites and others you find on your own. (Sin Taxes in Chicago) (History of Sin Taxes) (President Obama’s recent comments on taxing soda) (Americans Against Food Taxes) (PETA explains why we should tax meat) (surgeons who are pro sin tax)

Define the issue: In your own words answer the following.
What is a sin tax?

Give two examples of sin taxes from history

Provide three examples of sin taxes that currently exist in America:

Provide two arguments that show the benefit of a sin tax and then a counter argument. Read examples. Include who would argue for and who would provide the counter argument. Cite your source. You may need to do additional research on your own!

|Argument for a sin tax |Counter argument | |Lawmakers for the sin tax say that a tax will discourage kids from |Americans Against Food Taxes says that taxing food will not prevent kids| |drinking sugary, high calorie beverages. |from eating or drinking bad food. It says that these taxes will just | |( |increase the stress of people | | |because they will have to pay more for what they want. | | |( | |...
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