Simon Bolivar

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Simon Bolivar
Maritza Yepez
Latin American History

Simón José Antonio de la Santisima Trinidad Bolívar, or Simon Bolivar. Simon was born in Caracas, Venezuela on July 24, 1783. He passed away December 17, 1830. Simon was the greatest independence leader in South America. He accomplished the independence of Spain. Simon brought independence two nations of present of day. Such as, Ecuador Panama Columbia, Venezuela, Bolivia. Simon was inspired by many historical figures. One of his great inspirations was his tutor Simon Rodriguez who tutored and mentored Bolivar for many years, he was sent to exile for his radicle notions. Another influence was Napoleon Bonaparte who Simon at one time looked up to very dearly then he began to despise Napoleon. There were event that took place that made Simon fight for independence; the independence for Haiti in 1804 influenced Simon. As well as the United States influenced him very much. These historical figures and events led to the successes of Simon’s accomplishments and failures. Simon contributed greatly to what Latin America is today, he fought for independence although he did not achieve Gran Columbia. In the end he was greatly influenced by Simon Rodriguez and George Washington, also the Haitian and United States revolution influenced him, Bolivar

Initially, Simon Bolivar was greatly influenced by Simon Rodriguez. Simon Rodriguez began teaching and mentoring Bolivar when he was nine years old he stopped when Bolivar was fourteen years old. Rodriguez participated in pro-independent and revolutionary movements. When Simon Bolivar was nine his mother passed away his father passed away when he was two. He went into care of Simon Rodriguez. Bolivar was raised in wealthy households. Rodriguez was poor; Bolivar was bewildered when he came into Rodriguez’s small less wealthy home. Leading Bolivar to ask Rodriguez, “we are poor, we do not have enough money to live any other way” (Bloyd 17). Rodriguez would tell...
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