Similarities and Differences

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THEMES| For the short story, The Drover’s Wife the theme is life is precious and needs to be protected. Four innocent life would be lost if the drover’s wife fails in the duty as a protective mother.For the short story Looking for a Rain God, the theme is also life is precious. The moral issue on life in this story is; no one has the rights to take his or her life. Life is the gift of God and it is precious.| For the short story, The Drover’s Wife the theme is love for the family. Importance is given to family members than one self as an act of love towards family. For the short story, Looking for a Rain God the theme is being portrait is despair and desperation. The family members are in despair and desperation till they are willing enough to sacrifice Neo and Boseyong in return for the rain.| PLOT AND TECHNICUES | In the short story, The Drover’s Wife, the author used the technique of foreshadowing to expand the plot. From the foreshadowing used by the author, the readers can get the hint that the snake is about to show up from its hiding place. This is because, the dog can sense the presence of the snake and the dog is getting ready to pounce on the snake.For Looking for a Rain God, the author also used the technique of foreshadowing in the plot. The author hints that death is going to take place in the story sooner or later as a result of the drought.In the short story, The Drover’s Wife, the author used the flashback as one of the technique to make the plot more interesting. . The evidence from the short story is shown below.“She thinks how she fought a flood during her husband's absence. She stood for hours in the drenching downpour, and dug an overflow gutter to save the dame across the creek”.For the short story, Looking for a Rain God, the author also used flashback as one of the technique to expand the plot. The evidence from the text is shown below.“Finally, an ancient memory stirred in the old man, Mokgobja. When he was very young and the customs of the ancestors still ruled the land, he had been witness to a rain-making ceremony”.| * ExpositionThe exposition for the short story The Drover’s Wife, is the detailed portrayal of the surrounding and the drover’s family. The drover’s wife takes care of her four children’s while the drover is away with the sheep. The exposition for Looking for a Rain God is about two conditions. The first condition is before the drought while the second condition is after the 1958, which is when the seven year drought fell upon the land. Before the drought, the land was filled with trees, flowing plants, vegetation, wild figs and even wild berries. After the year 1958, the land transforms into an open dry land with thorny bushes, withering trees and barren ground. * Rising ActionThe rising action for The Drover’s Wife, is when one of the drover’s children yell snake. This changes the peace and cheerful atmosphere to a fearful and terrifying atmosphere. Tommy, the eldest tries to hit the snake but his mother manages to stop him while their dog, Alligator rushes after the snake only to be in dismay as well. She worries the safety of her children hence takes necessary precautions. The rising action for the short story, Looking for a Rain God is a sudden rainfall in early November which was a gift from nature to the villagers as the rain softened the earth. Mokgobja, Ramadi, Nesta and Tiro were in despair as they had travelled to the lands only to have their new found hope crushed into pieces in the mid November. The breaking point of the two women made the men terrorized by the thought of another year of starvation. This pushed Mokgobja to the very extend of doing an unmoral thing which has been carried out for generations by their people. * ClimaxThe climax for the short story Drover’s Wife, is the moment the drover’s wife hits the snake with a club while Alligator pulls the snake out. She hits...
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