Silver Sword

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Joseph Balicki was a Polish man who was married to Margrit from Switzerland. Together, they had three children. When the second world war began the Nazis took Joseph to prison in the mountains. Their children were very young when the Nazis attacked them: Ruth was thirteen, Edek was eleven, and Bronia was three. Joseph Balicki frequently tried to escape, however the guards always caught him. For this, they locked him in a room alone. But, he had a plan. When the guard came to deliver Joseph's food, Joseph shot a stone from a catapult at him. When the guard fell down, Joseph stole his keys and escaped to the a village a kilometer below the prison. He hid on a luggage lift and went from one side of the valley to the other. There, he met a man whom he told he had a gun. The man was afraid of Joseph, but, after talking, Joseph learned that he was Polish, too. Joseph gave the man and his wife some chocolate, saying "this is my gun." The family looked after Joseph for two weeks and then he left.

He walked for four and half weeks until he reached his hometown. He asked the mother of a child at his children's school where his wife and children were. She told him that Nazis had taken his wife and his children were probably dead. He decided to go to Switzerland and wait for his wife, but first he went to his home. There, he found a silver sword that he had given to his wife for her birthday.

When Joseph looked at the sword, a boy arrived and exclaimed that the sword belonged to him. Joseph told the boy that if his children were to return to tell them of their father's whereabouts. Next, Joseph left for Switzerland.

It was a snowy day when the Nazi arrived. They took Joseph's wife and then detonated an explosive in their home. The children escaped and fled to the edge of the city. Edek worked with farmers and was paid in food. Ruth taught the other children how to read and write. One day Edek did not return home. Ruth and Bronia couldn't find him for...
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