Sigmund Freud

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  • Published : October 30, 2012
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According to the theory described by Sigmund Freud, there is a relation between basic instinct of human beings and aggression of an individual which is known as the death instinct. This theory is also based on the theory of evolution of nature which showed that the strong side will survive. For instance, two hunters which are starved for 3 days are hunting for a deer will try to harm each other so that they can have the deer for the whole family. Hence, if this situation happens gradually, hunters will eventually become more and more aggressive to obtain the greater chance of survival. The theory which is known as frustration-aggression theory had proposed the idea that aggression is developed due to the presence of frustration. Frustration is defined as the obstruction of goals of an individual. However, the severity of aggression is based on the different level and capricious of the frustration. For instance, an individual needed an amount of money to pay for an emergency surgery of his or her children due to an accident. If he or she knows that there are still families or friends who are able to help him then the aggression will be not so severe. However, if there is no any helps around then he or she might act very aggressively. The aversive emotional arousal hypothesis suggests that the appearance of the aggression is due to other bad events happen around the individual such as furious or sickness. For example, an individual who is having a chronic disease or facing the economical problem will act aggressively to their family. The theory is the social learning theory which demonstrated that individual will act aggressively to reach their goals. For example, when a individual watch a soccer match where a footballer act aggressively to injured a player and win the ball, he also will try to act like the footballer in order to win a soccer match. In the society, conflict normally happens in between the same group or population of human being due to the close...
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