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Novel by: Herman Hesse
2. Analyze the novel Siddhartha in relation to author, Hermann Hesse's personal philosophical background. You will be looking at philosophers whom Hesse followed such as Nietzsche and will explore how they may have influenced his writing of Siddhartha.  If you choose this option: KNOW you must quote from Siddhartha and one other source related to Hesse’s philosophical background. Both would be listed in your Works Cited. Siddhartha is a novel by Herman Hesse. Hesse and Siddhartha share many beliefs. They also share a lot of philosophical background. In the book Siddhartha the main character goes on a journey of self. Trying to find himself. Herman Hesse has many philosophical beliefs in self finding. Herman Hesse has a lot of teachers that he learned this from just like Siddhartha. Some of the people that Herman Hesse l learned from Plato, Baruch Spinoza ,Friedrich Nietzsche and Arthur Schopenhauer .

One of his teachers talk about of the flesh he thought him that I money and nice things were more important than Nirvana. He taught him that money was the most important thing in the world. This reminds me of one of Herman Hesse’s teachers Plato. Plato believed that all things are connected to love including the love of oneself. I believe that Kamala was like Plato I believe she believed in love of oneself and worldly things before her God or Nirvana. I also believe that Kaamaswami believed in money before her got his God or Nirvana. “It has never been my experience that a Samara from the woods should come to me to learn for me. Never has a Samara with long hair an old tour in loincloth comes in the. Many young men come to me including Barhmins’ sons, but they come to me in fine clothes, and find shoes; there is sent in their hair and money in their purse. That is how these young men come to me, O Samara.” This was said by Kamala and this is why I believe that Kamalas...
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