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  • Published : December 10, 2012
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Campa 1
Jessica Campa
Mr. Lund
Research Paper
“Cancer is a complex disease. To understand what cancer is, the first step is to understand how cells in the body behave normally. This is because, in essence, cancer is a disease in which cells act abnormally – they grow out of control”(Coleman p.28). However, abnormal cells do not always become cancer cells. In order for a cell to become a cancer, there are a number of things that must go wrong during the cell process. In one cancer cell, several genes are changed and can become defective. There are two general types of mutations. One called dominate mutation, and the other known as a recessive mutation. Cancer can be a deadly disease, but if you can find early warnings, you can get the treatments for you to be able to get rid of your cancer.

It’s very easy for normal genes to become damaged and in many different ways. “A cell can become abnormal when part of a gene is lost, when part of a chromosome is rearranged, or when an extremely small defect occurs in the DNA” (Coleman p.37). A gene may be normal; however the protein that it makes may not function properly because the cell contains a cancer-producing virus. “Women infected with human papilloma virus have an increased risk of developing cancer of the cervix, because it interferes with normal cell function” (Coleman p.37). Food can always be a factor is being diagnosed with cancer. Food can cause cancer risk by contributing cancer causing chemicals. It starts when a carcinogen (cancer causing chemicals) damages the DNA in one of your cells. The damaged cell can then become to multiply and go out of control. Uncontrolled cell growth can lead to a clump of cancer cells. Also known as a tumor.

There are of course ways to check for early signs of cancer and ways to catch it early. Doctors recommend routine physical checkups to check for abnormal lumps (tumors) and other potential things that can be discovered through diagnostic...
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