Topics: Sociology, Fairy tale, Judge Pages: 4 (726 words) Published: October 20, 2010
Symbolic interactionism is a big part of society today. who

you are in to the world is based on sterotypes of your race or looks,

you personal posetions, and your role or job in your society; all of

these factors determine your social status. Like in the movie

"Shrek" symbolic interactionism plays a big part in the lives of the

characters. Im going to talk about the way the characters are

judged based on symbols and social sterotypes like the fairy tale

creatures too the king and the kingdoom, the way everyone looks

at ogers, and some ways Shrek judges the princess based on her

status. I think everyone should judge not based on symbols but

based on your innerself and heart.
The fairytale creatures are banished from there homes to

the swamp in the film. I think the fairytale creatures culture is more

of a Gemenschaft type society because they don't judge and are

open to knowing everyone no matter what their symbols of status's

are. However the kingdoms more of a Gesellschaft type of society

because of their impersonal relationships and snobeness toward

fairytale creatures who are unlike them. The fairytale creatures are

being looked at as less by the king because they are not like him,

they have less welth, some are not physically atractive to the eyes,

and because they are of a different race then the king he treats

them differently, like they are of less worth. In the scene where the

ginger bread man is being questioned by the king it reminds me of

a authoritarian / laissez-faire leader. Like hitler descrmnated and

relocated the jews, lord far qoude does the same to the fairytale

creatures. All of this reflects symbolic interactionism in the movie.
Ogers are the perfect example of anti symbolic

interactionism because they don't care about symbols or status

they just want their mud, bugs, and privacy. They know the way the

world is very shallow when it...
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