Should Women Join the Military?

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  • Published : September 25, 2012
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Victoria Ngo
March 28, 2012
3rd English II- IB

Women can do anything just as a man can do

Society says that women are equal to men and can do anything a man can do, but when it comes to the Constitution, women aren't allowed to enrolled in Military combat. There have been women in society doing heroic actions since the Revolutionary War. Although there are some women who can handle war and combat they can't enroll because they are feminist. I, however, believe that women should have the right to enroll into the military only if they want to. Women should be allowed to have any profession they desire, believe the military benefits from the unique talents and abilities of women and lastly, this country should continue to recognize equal rights for both sexes.

I believe many women are as well suited to military life as men are. Women should be in the military whether they choose to be or not. Nowadays we can see that the women are seen in every field in comparison with the men, and they have started excelling and taking over in each and every profession. So, they should not be discourage in the field of military because of their physical appearances. With the advent of vehicles and long range weapons, the need for hand-to- hand combo is almost non-existence, meaning the argument that women are weak means nothing. It doesn't take a lot of muscle mass to pull a trigger, so guns are the great equalizer. Also, since many women are far independent now than the past, they should be free to choose whatever career path they desire.

Women deserve to be able to serve their country just as much as men are. In many countries, military service is mandatory for both males and females. Are American women any less capable? Of course not! Just like men, women have their strengths which can benefit our military. And, just as men receive excellent training and benefits from military service, women should be eligible for these as well. In the movie, "Mulan", a...
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