Should We 'Tone Down' Anzac Day?

Topics: Australia, World War I, Anzac Day Pages: 2 (792 words) Published: October 22, 2012
Should we ‘Tone Down’ ANZAC Day to be considerate of ethnic minorities in Australia? Of course not. But a substantial amount of Anglo-Australians believe that we should. This makes absolutely no sense at all. Why would anyone be offended by ANZAC day, we are remembering the brave men and women who have fought and died for this country, as well as the ones that continue to fight for our country overseas. I don’t see how anyone may be offended by that, except for maybe the Turkish or the Germans but even they should enjoy ANZAC day because it is a celebration of who the ANZAC soldiers were, not who they fought. It’s not like the ANZAC’s were Nazi’s, they didn’t commit genocide or crimes against humanity, they protected a country full of innocent people, they are heroes and heroes deserve to be remembered at least once a year. They believe that we should consider how the ‘minorities’ would feel. The key word there is minorities. Does it seem fair that an entire nation or at least the majority of a nation must give up a tradition of almost a century for the consideration of a small percentage of the population? This is Australia, Australians built this country whether they were white Australians or not doesn’t matter. Celebrating the ANZAC spirit is not only respect for our fallen soldiers, but respect for our country and everyone who enjoys the prosperity of modern day Australia should honour that. ANZAC day is celebrated not only in Australia, but at many locations all over the world. Of course it is not celebrated in these countries in the same capacity as it is in Australia and New Zealand but is remembered none the less. Some of these countries include Turkey, Germany, France and China. These countries had no soldiers in the Australian and New Zealand Army Core; they are remembering the values the ANZACS represented. Every year for I don’t know how long people who care have set up two weeks before ANZAC day and begun to sell ANZAC day badges, these people...
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