Should Vending Machines Be Allowed in School

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  • Published : January 3, 2013
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George Ding
28 August 2012
Should Vending Machines be Allowed in Schools?
In 1886 the first fizzy ‘soda’ was made when Joseph Priestley reproduced carbon dioxide in an experiment and dissolved it in water, noting its pleasant taste. From there on Dr. John Pemberton, Caleb Bradham, Charles Alderton and Charles Hires revolutionized his invention, and created four brands of soft drinks which are being sold all over the world, in convenience stores, vending machines, coolers, and in packages. Even schools all over America have added vending machines selling these soft drinks along with other snacks to their students, teachers, and staff. However, these vending machines should be banned from America’s schools because it delivers a variety of problems that can affect a student's academic performance, their use of money, and their overall fitness. Aside from contributing to a number of health problems, vending machines can also interrupt academic performance, triggering behavior problems in the classroom. Medical research shows that average teens who don’t eat junk food, usually does better then teens that eats junk food. For the mathematics tests, students who consumed fast food 4 to 6 times each week had scores 6.55 points below average. Because students load themselves up on sugary treats during recess and lunch, they'll have a sugar rush - causing them to be hyper. So instead of taking notes regularly for the next quiz, the student would be so hyped up because of the sugar that he won’t be able to concentrate. This can lead to an overall drop in conduct and academic grades. Vending machines can also create financial problems between the students. Already in the US, kids spend over 12 million dollars on junk food during the regular school year. Since junk food can be addictive, kids are always going to be begging for more. When the brain doesn’t get what it wants, the student may feel a sense of craving (similar to drugs) where they get...
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