Should There Be a Law of Preventing People from Living in or Near a Forest Area?

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  • Published : May 13, 2013
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Name: Quynh Vy

Q: Should there be a law of preventing people from living in or near a forest area? Nowadays, because of the highly polluted and crowed urban areas, there are a lot of people decided to find some new places with fresh air to go for their weekends and vacation. One of the most ideal places for this is the forested area whereas the air is fresh and the landscape is beautiful, which fit the demand of people beautifully. However, there should be a law to prevent and limit the amount of people living in or near those forested areas due to the probability their houses could cause damage to the nearby ecosystem, take in risks of natural calamity, and face different forest fires. By building houses in or near the forested area that means we’ve contributed in damaging the nearby ecosystem because of the deforestations we made in order to get free spaces. Forests, beside the fact of being the government’s property, they’re also the homes of many wildlife animals, plant and many other species. In that way, all of those wildlife living things would be facing the probability of having no fully-provided nutrition, places to live, or even being killed. According to the National Geographic website, an estimated area of about 75,517 kilometer squares forests is being destroyed every year causes the extinctions of about 1 and 4 billion species on Earth. This severe habitat destruction doesn’t just only affect the wildlife living things, but the entire ecosystem, including human. People should also consider in building and moving to their houses in or near the forested area because of their own risks of suffering from dangerous natural calamity such as flooding and erosion. Families that live near riverbanks risk loss by the danger of flooding from the rivers, especially on rainy season and high tide days. In fact, people there can be dead due to drowning because of the high rapids of the water flow, and also destroyed all of their houses and property as well....
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