Should the State Take Severely Obese Children from Their Parents?

Topics: Developmental psychology, Parenting, Mother Pages: 3 (1153 words) Published: December 4, 2012
Should the state take severely obese children from their parents?

It is undisputable that everybody has a right to become a parent. On the same hand, children have a right to live with their parents and not become separated from them. But children also have a right to living conditions that help them achieve a healthy psychological and physical development in order to fulfill their potential. Therefore, every parent carries an obligation to ensure the realization of those rights by providing children with adequate care. What separates good parenthood from bad is a discussion that needs more space but one thing is certain - children welfare is the most important factor in their upbringing. Although we cannot take away anybody's right to become a parent, that right is not absolute and unconditional. A question arises whether or not we have a right to take away parental care under certain conditions. Considering child's specifics and his position in the community, the responsibility for applying the rights and protection is on every adult person, especially on those who possess knowledge, understanding and possibility of action. In cases when parents are unable to fulfill their parental obligations for certain reasons, state authorities and agencies have an obligation to help them perform their parental functions. Therefore, every parent has not only a natural but also a legal obligation to take care of their children appropriately. When a child's welfare is at risk, the state must protect the child what sometimes include his removal from the family. However, the decision about whether the child should remain in the risk family is one of the most complex that officials of protective services (social welfare and justice) must make. Due to complexity of individual assessments and many factors to be taken into account, it is not easy to standardize it. Such decisions go far beyond of enforcing law because they involve emotional connections of parents and...
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