Should the Islamic Face Veil Be Banned?

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  • Published : February 17, 2011
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Tarzra Jones
Period 4/ AP Lang
Ms. Roos
February 1, 2010

Why the Islamic Face veil should not banned

There has been debates about whether the Islamic face veil should be banned in countries. The arguments that governments of countries that have banned the Muslim face veil (France, Syria, Netherlands, Spain, and Belgium) argue that the full-face veil is oppressive, degrading towards women, and goes against values of each country. However, many Muslim women believe otherwise and strongly disagree with the banning of the veil. I strongly believe that the Islamic face veil should not be banned because it is a complete violation of religious and expressive freedom and forces them to conform to an alternative culture.

France decided to ban the Islamic face-veil in public organizations: schools, hospitals, government offices, and even on public transportation (BBC News). By performing this action, Muslim women would have to abandon their veils when engaging with these public organizations to conform to France's culture. France also decided to restrict and refuse residence cards to anyone with a radical religious practice(BBC News). This means that if a person takes place in radical practices of their religion, that person can not reside in France. These situations targets only the women who wear the full face veil which makes the women who wear the veils feel singled out. France fails to realize that Muslim women choose to wear the veil because they rather not expose their bodies to the eyes of other people (The Peninsula). France does not see that Muslim women who participate in wearing the Muslim face veil feels more liberated rather than oppressed. People who do not approve of the Islamic face veil often believe that since the Muslims' religion does not require them to wear the veil, and this is true. However, the people who do not agree with people However, full face veil wearers strongly disagrees because when they wear their veil, they feel more...
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