Should the Drinking Age Increased to 21?

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  • Published : March 10, 2013
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Should the drinking age increased to 21? This concept sounds good, but in actual fact we must think of the consequences. Should the drinking age be increased, general anger and annoyance among the youth around the age of 18 will lead to rebeliance over this decision. They will drink alcohol anyway using the "you can’t stop me" concept. In the age of 18 you are old enough to vote, and drink, and have a driving licence. You are mature enough to do those stuff. Why bother changing the age drinking. It will make things worst anyway. Even though drinking can damage your brain it is up to them who wants to drink, they can make their own choice when they are 18. "Instead of making alcohol harder to get and discouraging young people, what's been happening in the last five years is alcohol is becoming cheaper and more accessible and made more interesting to young people - and young women in particular have increased their consumption," Professor Jake Najman. We don’t have to increase the age to 21 but we just have to make it harder for people to buy alcohol. They should make the super markets stricter to buy alcohols. Its actually the parents the government needs to target. Teenagers learn how to drink responsibly or irresponsibly from their parents. They also should have not drink in front of their children until they are not underage anymore. It’s well known from early age children copy their parents to learn.
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