Should the Death Penalty Be Abolished

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  • Published : February 2, 2013
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Should the death penalty be abolished?
Sharon Hultquist
Stevens-Henager College

“Death is an experience that cannot be experienced and ends all experience. Because it is unknown as it is certain, death is universally feared.” (Bedau, H., 1982, p. 330) In arguments of the death penalty, there are two lives to think about, too much emphasis is placed on the one being executed, and the voice of the victim is often forgotten. Capital Punishment is not an excessive, unnecessary punishment, for those who knowingly and intentionally commit murder in premeditation. Even though capital punishment is not used very often, it is still a permanent consequence to consider for the criminal.  The number of years on the average spent in death row is 10 years. It is known, with all the appeals, the death penalty is by no means swift. In fact, most convicts probably feel as though they most likely will never be put to death. If the death penalty was swift and inevitable, there certainly would be a decrease in homicide rates. If the only reason not to favor the death penalty is the fear of executing the innocent, well, isn't it a risk to drive a car, you could have an accident. Or to take a flight, there could be a plane crash. I believe the penalty should be appropriate to the seriousness of the crime. The attention that is given to those who have been executed or to those about to be executed is unjust. It is so sad when the loudest voices think the death of a convicted murderer is a tragedy. Yet the deaths and suffering of countless victims are ignored, as they become no more than a statistic. Should death penalty be abolished? Absolutely not, I am, in favor of the death penalty.
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