Should Teens Who Murder Be Executed

Topics: Crime, Death Penalty, Criminal justice Pages: 2 (718 words) Published: April 10, 2013
Teen’s execution

Should Teens Who Murder Be Executed?

Teen Crime in America is on the up rise. In 1992, juvenile courts handled 2,500 criminal homicides and over a million cases of lesser crimes. According to research, several disadvantages exist for teens who murder being executed. However, for the purpose of this essay we will investigate the following: (1) community’s (2) parent’s supervision; (3) criminal justice system. The execution is based on the teen’s case of how bad or how it has affected the people around the case.

First, community’s is where most teenagers are reported to commit crime due to consuming alcohol, running away, and violating curfew in the community. However, this is more likely where crime ends up taking place. Low recreational activities and law enforcement in community can also result in high crime rate. Young teens hanging with older criminals in the area can also affect crime rate. Mostly making older criminals have a strong amount of peer pressure on young adults. Older criminal look at younger people because they know if they are caught in the act of a crime a teen is liable to take the charge and get less time than an adult will receive if punished. The number of youths arrested in communities for murder, robbery, rape, and assault has leaped 254% since 1960.

Parent’s supervision is not always there for the teen. How many times have you seen someone and heard a teen arguing with their parent saying, “Why are you treating me like such a kid?” We all know teens want to be treated like adults when it comes to responsibilities and freedoms, but when it comes to facing the consequences of their actions when they do something bad, including murder, they don’t want to take them. Teens want to be treated like adults. When a kid is able to take out a gun, point it at someone innocent, and pull the trigger, they should be able to suffer the same consequences as an adult. Teens need to be held accountable for what they are...
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