Should Teens Be Tried as Adults?

Topics: Murder, Life imprisonment, English-language films Pages: 2 (921 words) Published: October 24, 2012
Teen VS Adult()
The question is, should teens who murder be tried as adults? I would have to say yes. If one can understand what murder is, he or she should also understand that it’s wrong. Everyday a grown person or a teenager is being arrested for murder. If one is big enough to do the crime, than he or she can do the time. It’s not about being old enough to understand because at the age of 14 or 15 years old one has learned the difference in right and wrong; therefore, one knows the action is wrong and should take the consequences for the wrong they committed just like any other person should. It wouldn’t be fair if say a 30 year old man gets arrested for rape and takes it on upon himself to stab his victim to death and gets life in prison, but then a 15 year old kid who knows what he is doing as well gets arrested for the same crime and gets away with it. It wouldn’t be fair because, not only did that 15 year old get away with murder because of his age, but that family has to sit there in grief and pain knowing that this 15 year old just got away with murder; this kid could also thinking its ok to do it again because I’m just a kid, but that 15 year old kid is about to go attack another person. Also look at it as if it was one’s own child that was the victim of this teen murderer. Would you feel sorry or guilty for the killer? I know I wouldn’t and I would want to see justice no matter the circumstances. Is it fair to try them as harshly as an adult? In some ways no, but in other ways, yes! They did just take another life. A life that cannot be brought back, so why give them the freedom to live his or her life? But I also see it as for a minor give them a fair enough amount of time of 10 to 20 years to make them realize that what they have done was wrong and have them learn a lesson so they will know that they wouldn’t want to go back in there again. One could also try and find a program to enroll them in to give them counseling to try and understand why...
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