Should Teenagers Be Discouraged from Doing Plastic Surgery?

Topics: Plastic surgery, Surgery, Hospital Pages: 5 (2029 words) Published: March 3, 2013
Should teenagers be discouraged from doing plastic surgery?
What is plastic surgery? Plastic surgery is ‘the process of reconstructing or repairing parts of the body by the transfer of tissue, either in the treatment of injury or for cosmetic reasons’ (Oxford Dictionaries, 2010). Sushrutha from India, who is known as the ‘Father of Plastic Surgery’, had carried out plastic surgery a millennium before Hippocrates as well as two millenniums before European stalwarts such as Celsius and Galen (Indian Journal of Plastic Surgery, 2009). Today, plastic surgery is becoming very popular among all people especially for teenagers. The number of teenage girls who underwent breast implant had increased from 3,872 to 11,326 in Washington, DC, USA. Based on the information from American Society of Plastic Surgeons, cosmetic implants have become very popular for all people. There were 32,000 women who underwent breast implants for augmentation in the year of 1992 whereas there was a high increase of number by the year 2003 which is 247,000 in Washington, DC, USA (Boodman, 2004). This shows that there is an increasing demand for plastic surgery. Although plastic surgery is very popular among teenagers nowadays, there are several negative drawbacks in having plastic surgery. Therefore, the main purpose of this essay is to indicate the negative drawbacks on plastic surgery in various aspects such as psychological, physical and monetary. Everyone knows that plastic surgery can help people improve or change their appearance to become better look or attractive. However, plastic surgery is a real surgery and there will be risks and limitations during or after undergoing it. Although a patient is very satisfied with his or her new appearance after the surgery, there is still the risk of getting side effects. The complication and risks may happen during or after the surgery. During the surgery, bleeding is the most common thing that can happen. However, if bleeding occurs during surgery then the risk is increased. In fact, there were cases when patients bled heavily during the surgery. In addition, there were also some patients who responded badly to analgesics during the surgery. Some of these cases had led to death (Saxena, 2010). Another risk is the side effects during plastic surgery and after the surgery. Scarring is the side effect that cannot prevent after the surgery. When a patient is having incision while doing plastic surgery the chances of getting scarring will be high and is not preventable (Heisler, 2009). The patient’s responsibility is also an important role to preventing scarring. This is because; scarring may occur if a patient does not follow the instruction from their plastic surgeons after the surgery. Normally, the surgeons will advice their patients stop smoking at least two weeks before the surgery (Heisler, 2009). Besides that, other than scarring, infection also will happen to a patient after undergoing plastic surgery. This may happen any time after a person has undergone plastic surgery. ‘A surgical incision creates a significant opportunity for infection to enter the body, even though surgery is done in a very clean environment.’ (Heisler, 2009) If a person is suffering from infection after the surgery, there is a need for him or her to undergo the second surgery to remedy the infection. In the perspective of psychology, teenagers are too young to understand all the consequences of plastic surgery. They may not consider the risks that involve when undergoing the surgery. Teenagers may just think that plastic surgery can help them to improve their self-esteem. The studies show that, teenagers are not mature enough to realize the negative effects of plastic surgery; they just care about their physical appearance only (Boodman, 2004). Teenagers might choose to undergo plastic surgery because of their boyfriends without considering the side effects of plastic surgery. Therefore, teenagers normally will not consider...
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