Should Students Have to Wear Uniforms

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  • Published : April 19, 2013
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Should students have to wear uniforms?

Mostly every single public school has a school uniform policy. I think that school uniforms take away freedom of choice, school uniforms put a stop from students show their personality. It would be way better if public schools could be able to take away school uniforms and let students dress the way they want to, of course dressing appropriately.

First of all, it takes away freedom of choice. The school already has enough rules, why take away even more. Schools always have specific requirements on how to wear your uniform and that is not fair. Students get it trouble for wearing mix-matched socks or different colors shoe-laces. It’s ridiculous for someone to stop someone from doing that.

Second, school uniforms stop people from showing who they really are. They do not teach the students people who are different from themselves. Many people think that cliques will form. Trust me they will, but why not tackle this problem. You’re giving up and saying since you can’t accept each other when you are different, we’re going to make you all the same.

Third, many people in public schools have different cultures. They are required to wear traditional clothing but school uniforms stop them from that. They either wear the uniform or get in deep trouble. That is not fair for them at all. That is something you’re taking away from them, you can’t just steal someone’s tradition.

Fourth, it will be easier for our parents. Every year parents have so much stress because they have to buy uniforms and because the students don’t have freedom of choice on wearing what they want, they decide they want the best uniforms out there. Uniforms can come out to be very expensive.

School uniforms take away many things from you. I think it is wrong and that it should be taken away. Many students will agree with me on this. Every person should have a choice and making them wear uniforms is like forcing them to wear it. We would be better...
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